Raquel Tips #1 – Burpees

Raquel Tips #1 – Burpees

Common Errors:

  • After doing the support of the hand on the ground, the chest does not touch the ground.
  • The feet before the vertical jump need to be far from the support of the hands.
  • The abdominal area is relaxed.


How to make:

  • From the standing position go do the “landing” on the ground with your hands, thighs and chest.
  • With the midline contraction (CORE), use the hip and arm force to propel the body to the vertical jump by supporting the feet in the same area of the hands and, using the force of the lower limbs, make the total extension of the body upwards along with arms upwards giving a palm.



  • Improvement of muscular and cardiorespiratory endurance.
  • Improvement of motor coordination.
  • Excellent exercise for weight loss.
  • Being a predominantly cardiovascular exercise enhances the overall physical condition.
  • Exercise easy to perform for the little space it needs for its accomplishment and without needing any extra material.
  • Being a functional exercise allows to work the whole body with a single exercise and in short periods of time.