Laser SHR – Super Hair Removal

Laser SHR – Super Hair Removal

The SHR innovation allows each application of the treatment, in addition to being quick and easy, to ensure the elimination of hair with fewer sessions when compared to IPL depilation. The main difference between the traditional laser hair removal and the SHR is that in the traditional one works with a system where the equipment performs a single shot on the hair follicle, so that the skin absorbs all the energy and heat of the procedure in a single time . However, it is this unique shot that makes the treatment painful and still increases the risk of skin burn. In the case of darker skins, the risk of sunburn is even greater.


With SHR technology for laser hair removal, low energy and a lot of repetition are used to move on the skin, which is known as in motion technology (as opposed to the single shot on the follicle that is received as a “punch” on the skin.) The result of this more modern procedure is that the hair follicle, which contains a lot of melanin, is gradually heated until it burns, whereas the skin with less melanin never reaches a high level of discomfort.




  • Simple, safe, fast and effective treatment.
  • Sem restrição de faixa etária.
  • No age group restriction
  • Not carcinogenic and non-teratogenic, because it is superficial to the skin.
  • More effective treatment for folliculitis and for ingesting.
  • Stimulates the production of collagen, leaving the skin smoother, smoother, free from irritations and blemishes, and rejuvenated.
  • There is no need for application of anesthetic creams or external cooling because the heating handle is cooled.
  • Photo SHR depilation compatible with tan and tan skins. This technology is effective in removing dark or blonde hair.



In the case of thicker hair, SHR offers important advantages, and large areas can be treated quickly and easily.
It is possible to work black and tan skins without any risk, even in summer, it is only recommended that a sunscreen be applied for a few days, when sun exposure.



Team Golden Oak