Painless cycling exercise where you pedal to the rhythm of stimulating and powerful musics. The instructor will guide the entire platoon through a journey by road, mountains, plains, sprints and interval training. The entire exercise lasts 45 minutes.

If you are looking for a way to give more intensity to your cardiovascular workout instead of the typical and monotonous workout on the treadmill, why not try out a spinning class.

It is assumed to be one of the most practiced activities in gyms around the world, indoor cycling involves a very high cardiovascular intensity on a stationary bike to the sound of rhythmic music.

I leave you 4 reasons to try an Indoor Cycling class:

Get in shape quickly

Usually these classes follow an interval training program. Scientifically proven as highly effective training in calorie consumption, fat and how to improve your fitness levels.

It is a low impact activity

One of the great benefits of Indoor Cycling is that it is a low impact activity. It means you can perform a high intensity workout without putting extra stress on your joints and bones. In addition to being practiced on a machine (bicycle) you can change your level of resistance according to your physical capacity.


If you appreciate the benefits of cardiovascular activities, you will love this activity. For 40 to 60 minutes you will experience intensity changes, having to get up from the bike seat, all to the sound of specific music and instructors that keep you motivated and energized to finish the lesson.

Burn fat

Spinning has the ability to spend more than 500 calories in just one class

If you’ve never tried a class you’re waiting for?