1. The Gymnasium comes from an idea, around 1993, between two friends in an old warehouse in the heart of Olhão.
    Tragically one of our friends dies in an accident. In 2010 the idea comes out of the drawer ...

  2. The beginning of an adventure with the best concept of a gym ever in Algarve lands! First Gymnasium in Olhão is born in a warehouse in a location different from the original one, totally remodeled.

  3. The rapid repercussion and success of our message and context on the network has made us grown really quickly. Initially, on Facebook, we had only a small group, then we went on to a profile and finally an official page "Gymnasium Olhão" which now has thousands of people who follow us and motivate us daily!

  4. And as what does not grow, stagnates.
    - Expansion of Gymnasium Olhão from 600m2 to 1000 m2

  5. Refresh of the public image of the Gymnasium.
    New logo, the same mission:
    - Make people happy

  6. We arrived in the beautiful city of Tavira!
    "Tavira take it?", hold on, and well!

  7. We've moved from home.
    Intermarché de Olhão welcomes us with open arms!

  8. We come to the capital of the Algarve.
    Faro has the best Gymnasium south of the Tagus! I'm so proud!

  9. The Algarve lands were interested in our concept, in our #atitudegymnasium and they wanted to receive us. It began in Olhão, later Tavira and also Faro.
    All this has resulted in an increase in our number of partners, employees, spaces, better equipment, etc.

  10. The year still only starts at the beginning, but many surprises are guessed for the coming months!
    Stay tuned.